Simon Dumont knocks it out of the park again

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on March 28, 2010 12:04 am

Simon Dumonts’ Dumont Cup once again was slayer as the amateur/pro line blurerer just got really blurry with the events first amateur actually winning the thing.  Granted the event is only two years old, but it did feature Simon Dumont, Peter Olenik, Jossi Wells and Tom Wallisch.  Uh, how do you say “Not to shabby” in pig latin…Otna ota yshabba?

Big congrats to Alex Schlopy, the amateur who I guess we can now call Alex Schlopy, the pro.  Our guess is that he is going to be mowing a lot of lawns at Mr. Dumonts house over the next few years to pay back this amazing debt.  Schlopy made everyone hang on (clever reference to Hang On Sloopy) while he nailed an 85 foot switch right double cork 1440.  Schlopy beat out of 100 contestents to take the title.  Pretty phenom!  He also pocketed $12K plus a ton of swag including a week of camp at Woodward.

Even though the Dumont Cup is one of the new events in the space, it has already garnered icon status largely because of owner/master Simon Dumont.  When Simon picks up the phone and calls a few pro’s – they show.  When all the pros are there, then you have a stone cold jam.

Of course when it is a Simon Dumont production, every sponsor under the woodwork comes out.  This year was no exception with Salomon, Red Bull, Nike 6.0, Target, Sunday River, Kicker, Giro, Oakley and Empire Gloves all helping out.

Also this year to the ire of Colorado, it was a Utah podium sweep with Schlopy of Park City taking the gold, Joss Christianson of Park City taking the silver and Tom Wallisch of Salt Lake City taking the bronze. 

With photographers and film crews everwhere (we know because we had a film crew there,) with huge stars, big crowds and enthusitic fans, the event is sure to grow substantially over the next few years.