Lakers’ Ron Artest to buy Brian Head ski resort?

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on March 29, 2010 12:27 pm

Ron Artest’s contract with the Los Angeles Lakers pays him $34 million over five years.

Brian Head Resort in southern Utah is for sale.  Asking price?   $34 million.

The only logical conclusion that can be drawn from the two facts above?  Ron Artest will buy Brian Head Resort.

CB Richard Ellis Golf & Resort Properties in Carlsbad (CA) is selling southern Utah’s only ski resort.  The property includes 1,106 acres, eight chairlifts, a tubing hill, snowmaking facilities, 1,744 acres for the planned community of Alpine Creek, a golf course, and the proverbial “and more!”

Brian Head’s previous owner, Jim Trees, died in 2008 of a heart attack.




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