Roger Draper, head of Great Britain’s Tennis Association, finds solace in ski vacation

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 29, 2010 9:49 am

Roger Draper has had a tough month.  The beleaguered head of the Lawn Tennis Association, which is the governing body of tennis in the Great Britain, has had to sit through a humiliating loss in Davis Cup to Lithuania, and then had to go before the Houses of Parliament to explain what is so wrong with British tennis.  A who’s who in Great Britain’s tennis royalty has called on him to step down after the Davis Cup defeat, and if he doesn’t, he should be forced out.  With all of this weighing on his mind, Draper did what we hear at The Ski Channel would do, too:  He took a skiing holiday to Italy.  Nothing beats the solace of the mountains to make all your problems disappear!