Roxy Chicken Jam Results from Mammoth

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 29, 2010 8:19 am

The girls came to Mammoth, they shred, and now it is back to the usual “sasuage fest” (meaning a bit male dominated). It was great to see so many girls tearing up the park and making it look so damn good.

The event ended this Saturday after two days of slopestyle, pipe, and mascotscompetition. As predicted Jaime Anderson took first for slopestyle throwing three 540′s in a row. Beginning regular, throwing switch, and then lastly for the cab 5. According to Roxy online, Jaime walked away with $15,000. In second place was Janna Weatherby winning $7,000. And scooping in at third ,Jenny Jones taking home $3,000.

From the sidelines the tricks looked big and the level of competition has grown emmensly since previous years. The Roxy Chicken Jam has been now running since 2004 and each year the tables get larger and the tricks get more complicated. It wasn’t until recently that tricks began to get corked and 7′s were thrown into the mix. Roxy reported on 4th place Cheryl Mass’s corked backside 7 on the first hit which is the largest kicker in the main park at Mammoth (we are talking an 80 footer). I had the pleasure of catching Jaime’s slopestyle run and chatting with a few of the girl’s on the lift up.

Many of the local riders commented on the level of competition. One local from Tahoe was blown away that a regular 5 was not a top three in the standings trick anymore. I watched her throw some 5′s in the pipe later that day for a top 20 finish.

Speaking of pipe, the results are also in with Kelly Clark receiving that first place check of $15,000. Kelly took the win with a frontside 9, frontside 7 and cab 7 in the superpipe. Kelly proved to be popping the biggest out of the pipe along with showing the most complexity of tricks. in second we have Rana Okada walking away with $7,000 and Elena Hight in third for $3,000.

Lastly, we must highlight Olympic gold medalist, Torah Bright’s guest appearance to show her support for the other girls. The gold medal beauty took a run through the pipe and hit main lodge to sign autographs for a mountain full of fans.

There you have it folks. Another great Chicken Jam. Maybe next year we will get to see our favorite Roxy freestyle skiiers compete as well.