Man gets caught for ski pass fraud, goes after the witness who turned him in

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 31, 2010 10:38 am

A man from Wyoming was visiting the Keystone Resort in Colorado when he tried to use someone else’s lift ticket to get on the mountain. A Keystone employee caught him, and then later the man threatened to beat the crud out of the employee.

The ski thief aggressively approached the employee who called him out and started yelling and spewing threats. The employee “felt [the man's] behavior escalating and [thought] he was beginning to cause a disturbance”, so he asked him to leave.

After the workday was over, the man returned and approached the employee in a convenience store. He then said, “(You’re) not at work anymore, I am going to whip your ass.”

He followed the employee out of the store and continued to threaten and taunt him. The employee then called his brother, to which the perp responded, “I will f*** you both up”. Classy dude.

When the brother came and told the suspect he would fight him, the suspect backed down.

Later, authorities tracked the man down to where he was staying. His mother answered the door and didn’t let the authorities inside. “I saw many signs displayed by (the mother) during the contact that I know from my experience and training to be indicative of deception,” according to the deputy in the report.

The mother said she would call the deputies when her son returned to the building. A deputy waited outside the unit. She called 45 minutes later to say her son had returned, and the deputy said no one had left or entered the building. So, both the mother and the son were arrested. The man’s crime, retaliation on a witness, is a third-degree felony.

As the man was being hauled away he said: “If I would have known I was getting arrested anyway, I would have just kicked his ass!” Nice.