Bode Miller not sure about a return to skiing

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 1, 2010 10:04 am

But he’s not ruling it out, either.

For the last month or so, he’s just been hangin. His post-Olympic glow is still strong, and he’s been enjoying this time with his daughter as they vacation in San Diego together. That’s pretty much all that’s on his mind as of now.

When asked about a return to the sport of alpine ski racing next year, his response was simply: “No rush on that”. He’s factoring in a lot of variables to his decision, like whether or not his daughter would be able to travel the World Cup circuit with him. And “that’s just the tip of the iceberg”, he said. “There’s just a ton of things [to consider].

He plans on making a concrete decision by the time pre-season camp starts in August, but as we saw this past season, even if he skips out on summer training and decides to come back late, he may still be fine. “I always stay in shape, so I’m not really that worried about that. If I make that decision, then I feel like I’m prepared”.

For right now at least, he’s not leaning either way. “If I was leaning, I would make the decision. It’s a matter of I wait until I feel like I have good information and then I’ll make a decision”.

Even if he doesn’t return to the circuit, he still plans on helping his friends over at Head Skis (a sponsor) develop their new line of skis. “I like the company and I’m real tight with all the guys. I want to help them develop their skis anyway”.

In addition to enjoying quality time with his daughter, Bode has been quite charitable and generous with his time. Yesterday, he joined a group of disabled veterans on the slopes for a fun day of skiing, signing autographs and shaking hands. He gave the veterans some tips on skiing, and they gave him some inspiration. “A lot of these guys have overcome adversity in ways that none of us can understand,” said Miller, who will be hosting a ski event on April 3 to benefit his Turtle Ridge Foundation. “When you get to ride up the lift with them and talk to them, hear their story and get to see how they’ve adapted, the fact that they, in some cases, enjoy the stuff we take for granted much more – those are all good things to be reminded of. These guys have some unbelievable stories to tell.”