13-year-old California boy attempting to climb Mount Everest

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 6, 2010 11:22 am

Talk about high aspirations!! Jordan Romero, who is only 13 years old, is planning to try to climb Mount Everest, as he wants to reach the summits of the highest peaks on all seven continents.  And, if he does it, he’ll be the youngest person to ascend to the top of the world’s highest mountain, which stands 29,035 feet. 

Romero, who is from the So-Cal ski town Big Bear Lake, will be climbing with his father and his father’s girlfriend, who are both experienced outdoors people.  Back in when he was 10, Romero became to youngest American to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, which is Africa’s highest peak.  Romero was set to depart for Nepal on Monday night, and we will keep you updated on his progress!