Four men charged with felony ski pass fraud

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 8, 2010 9:04 am

On April 15th and 29th, four men will be arraigned on felony charges for possession of a known forged instrument—ski passes. The charge is also petty theft by deception.

The original indictments happened on February 25th at the Terry Peak ski area of South Dakota. Nathaniel Hicks, 22, Rapid City; Cody Christman, 22, Summerset; Logan Fluke, 21, Rapid City; and Eric Kloehn, 22, Rapid City are the perps.

Hicks and Christman are set for April 15 arraignments. Fluke and Kloehn are slated for April 29 arraignments. The annual passes they forged are valued at $580.25 each.

On February 13th, Hicks was arrested after he allegedly admitted to using the fake ski pass. He said he purchased the fake pass for $40 in Rapid City, according to court files.

Fluke and Kloehn were arrested on February 14th when resort officials alleged the two men had fake passes. Kloehn allegedly admitted he made a pass for himself and Flunke.

Christman was arrested February 15th when he allegedly told officers that he paid $50 to a man in Rapid City for his false pass.