Vail Cascade Resort donates to Habitat for Humanity

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 8, 2010 7:29 am

Vail, Colorado—April 6, 2010—The Vail Cascade Resort presented a check in the amount of $800 to Habitat for Humanity of the Eagle and Lake Counties recently.  The donation was the result of 10% of the evening’s proceeds from a Candlelight Dinner held at the resort’s signature restaurant, Atwater on Gore Creek.


Atwater on Gore Creek, located at the Vail Cascade Resort held a dinner illuminated only by hundreds of candles on the evening of March 27, 2010.  The experiential event outlined the resort’s commitment to Destination Earth, a program of the conservation of natural resources, by celebrating “Earth Hour” in this unique way.  By choosing to operate under minimum electricity and other power resources, The Vail Cascade Resort demonstrated a pledge to recognize the need to preserve the world in which we live, and also supported local efforts to be energy conscious by choosing Habitat for Humanity of the Vail Valley as the recipients of the donation.


Habitat for Humanity of Eagle & Lake Counties is currently building sixteen homes in Edwards that are LEED certified, providing housing for local families that is “earth friendly”.  Building homes is the main aspect of the local charity, but Habitat also provides an affordable alternative through the sale of gently used home furnishings and reusable building materials through the Habitat Home Outlet. All funds raised at the store provide an opportunity for community members to work together to provide warm, safe homes. Additionally, Habitat raises money through their Cars for Homes program accepting donated vehicles and working with local high school students to upgrade the vehicles for sale. All initiatives not only give back to Eagle County, but are also recycling efforts that will help create and maintain a sustainable global environment.


“The donation by Atwater is a welcome gift that will be used locally in our efforts at Habitat for Humanity of the Eagle and Lake Counties.  We look forward to working with The Vail Cascade Resort on future projects that will benefit those in need,” stated Kristi Moon, Public Relations representative for Habitat for Humanity.
The Vail Cascade Resort adopted the Destination Earth program and chose Habitat for Humanity of the Eagle and Lake Counties as the recipients of the donation with the knowledge that the resort’s customers and associates all benefit from a healthy, sustainable environment.  The Vail Cascade Resort has a designated “green team” onsite and has made a commitment to pursuing the following ideals:

    * Sourcing environmentally responsible services and products locally, and purchasing organic, environmentally friendly- and recycled supplies, whenever possible.
    * Purchasing fresh and sustainable foods locally grown, whenever possible.
    * Creating partnerships with other organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to preserving the environment.
    * Leading associates to apply eco-friendly practices in their daily operations.
    * Implementing tools that continually measure the progress of the property and support that commitment to preserving the environment through the Destination Earth program.

For more information on Habitat for Humanity, contact Kristi Moon at 970-748-6718 and visit The Vail Cascade Resort and signature restaurant Atwater on Gore Creek can be reached at 970-476-7111 and