Big Sky Resort closes this weekend with Spring Run-Off Celebration

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 9, 2010 6:55 am

To celebrate a phenomenal ski season at the Big Sky Resort in Montana, they’re presenting the 7th Annual Spring Run-Off this weekend, the final weekend of winter operations.

Included in the Spring-Off is a pond skimming event, as well as several other fun activities. As many people decide they won’t stay on their skis on the pond, you’ll see several participants wearing just swimwear. It’s quite a sight to watch folks ski down a mountain in a bikini/pair of trunks, only to then skim onto the pond and fall into the icy water. Ouch. If you want to catch the hilarity and fun that is the pond skimming event at Big Sky, it starts at 4PM on Saturday. After the event, enjoy a live performance by The Cropdusters on the plaza.

“After another fantastic winter season, it’s always fun to end with a bang,” says Dax Schieffer, Director of Big Sky Resort Public Relations. “The pond skim is great as it appeals to people of all ages, whether they ski or not, to ensure that everyone enjoys the last weekend that Big Sky is open.”

Here’s a video of The Cropdusters: