Cancer survivor hangs out with Shaun White through Make A Wish Foundation

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 10, 2010 11:07 am

As if we needed another reason to love snowboarding phenom and Olympic gold medalist Shaun White! Through the efforts of the Make A Wish Foundation, Shaun has been skiing and snowboarding with 17-year-old Ian Lockwood. Ian has been battling brain cancer since last summer.

Riding with Shaun in Vermont for the past few weeks has been the happiest time in Ian’s life for a long, long time. “While I was hanging out riding around the back trails with Shaun, my family was watching the rest of the Burton U.S. Open Snowboarding competition in Vermont”, Ian said.

“Make a Wish is a great program. They are really all about the whole family,” he continued. “It’s for everybody to get their minds off what’s going on at home. They paid for our plane tickets, hotel and lift tickets for everybody…whenever we saw any of [Shaun's] friends and they asked who I was, he’d say, ‘This is my friend Ian Lockwood’. I met his photographer, some of his sponsors and Louie Vito, also an Olympic snowboarding team member”.

According to Ian, Shaun is “real cool, down to earth and relaxed. Just a normal guy who enjoys what he does”.

Thanks for making this boy’s life that much better Shaun. You absolutely rock.