Earthquake hits Southern California at 2:05 AM

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on April 10, 2010 2:05 am

In what is likely an aftershock from Sunday’s massive 7.2 Mexicali earthquake, So Cal was hit with another big jolt at 2:05 AM this Saturday morning.  This one was a quick hit that really moved things around. 

No word yet on size, but we at The Ski Channel are going to predict 5.0.

This writer is currently sitting in a Palm Springs house right underneath the tram of the nearly 11,000 San Jacinto Mountain.  Anyone going to ski the Snow Creek 5000 foot descent tomorrow will be holding the hand rails a little tigher on the Palm Springs tram.

By the jolt we just got, I am glad that tram was not in operation, because there would be some pretty scared passengers right now.

More news as it comes in.