71-year-old man rescued from the top of a mountain in Steamboat

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 12, 2010 5:38 am

Sometimes, you’re just too darn tired. A 71-year-old man from Boulder had to be rescued yesterday from the top of the Hogan Park Trail at the Steamboat ski area. He and a friend started skiing the Trail from Rabbit Ears Pass at 8:30 AM. They made it to the top, but “the 71-year-old was just too exhausted to try to ski down safely”, said incident commander Darrel Levingston.

Here’s our question. The Routt County Search and Rescue crews were paged just after 6 PM. The two men started skiing at 8:30 AM. How long were they at the top of the mountain before calling for help? It seems like a lot of time passed, but clearly the elapsed time wasn’t enough to let the elderly man rest up.

The two were rescued from the top of the mountain by snowmobile. Levingston said the men were prepared for traversing the backcountry except for a lack of water, a very important ingredient indeed.