Ski chalet chef beaten and left for dead

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 12, 2010 4:01 pm

John Harris, a 45-year-old ski chalet chef from Cornwall, Britain, was beaten and left for dead in freezing temperatures wearing basically no clothes. This happened at a ski area in the Italian Dolomites.

Harris spends the winters cooking for ski parties. He had been celebrating the end of the season with some friends in Canazei, near Trento. They went to a bar. “Before returning to the UK they organised a barbecue in one of the chalets and then finished off the evening by heading to the Spekkeller, a local bar,” said Marion Telsnig, a spokeswomen for UK ski tour operator Crystal. “The guys left at 2.30am but John stayed on and now he says he simply doesn’t remember what happened next.”

What happened next was that he walked to the parking lot where he was savagely beaten with a wooden railing. He sustained broken ribs, multiple bruises and a damaged spleen. Police found him suffering from hypothermia around 6:30 am, without his clothes. They are interviewing a suspect now, a local man. “We believe both men were drunk and began to argue inside the bar,” said Captain Alessandro Firinu of the local carabinieri. “In that state you need little to find a motive for fighting, but the alcohol leaves you vulnerable to the cold,” he added.

“The mystery is where Harris’s clothes are. The man we are interviewing refuses to say and we have no idea.”