Canadian Alpine Ski Team members hold camp for young ski racers

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 14, 2010 12:15 pm

Coming back for a third season, The Mike and Manny Cowboys Camp will be hosted by World Cup winner Manuel Osborne-Paradis of Vancouver, and 2009 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships medalist Michael Janyk of Whistler, along with “guest coach” Robbie Dixon.

The camp is designed to bring 12 junior skiers from British Columbia together to improve their racing skills. It’s free to attend, and the racers were selected based on a 400-word letter that they wrote, explaining why they should be the one picked. They also had to provide a letter of support from their coach (all racers are members of BC Alpine).

“Even though we have grown the camp from 10 kids in the first year to now accepting 12 kids from all over B.C., we still would love to bring more young racers in the coming years as so many of them are very deserving,” said Osborne-Paradis.

“This year was the toughest selection year of all with almost double the number of applicants from previous years. All of the kids who wrote in, had amazing stories to tell and showed great passion for the sport of skiing,” he continued.

Here’s a list of this year’s athletes:


    * Alex Duchesne – Revelstoke Ski Club
    * Broderick Thompson – Whistler Mountain Ski Club
    * Julian Brumec – Parsons- Mount Seymour Ski Club
    * Julien Bernard – Fernie Alpine Ski Team
    * Kelley Humphreys – Red Mountain Racers
    * Nolan Walls – Kimberley North Star Racers


    * Alix Wells – Prince George Ski Club
    * Elie Taillefer – Whistler Mountain Ski Club
    * Emilie Tremblay – Vernon Ski Club
    * Hallie MacLachlan – Fernie Alpine Ski Team
    * Hannah Kapur – Mount Seymour Ski Club
    * Madison Haynes – Windermere Valley Ski Club