This is getting scary, another earthquake hits, this time in China, at least 400 dead

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 14, 2010 6:37 am

OK, seriously…what is going on here? In the past several months various countries have endured large earthquakes: Haiti, Japan, Mexico, the U.S., Spain…and today at around 8AM local time, Western China was slammed with a 6.9-magnitude tremor (Chinese seismologists call it 7.1).

This one is tragic. At least 400 people are reported dead, with that number expected to rise dramatically. The quake hit a remote, mostly Tibetan community in Western China. The area is mountainous, on the Tibetan plateau, and part of the Chinese province of Qinghai. It is a humble farming community, with most of the inhabitants making a living raising horses, sheep and yaks.

Rescuers are currently digging through the rubble with shovels and hands, trying to find more survivors buried under the destruction. “We are short of equipment,” said Guoyang Zhaxi, a 42-year-old resident helping to free survivors. “So the speed of the rescue efforts is very slow. We need to hurry up or the people who are buried will have no hope”.

The most tragic part of this earthquake is that it hit a school, and at least 30 students may be buried. A dormitory building at the Yushu Ethnic Normal School collapsed. A teacher commented that “some pupils ran out of the dorms alive, and those who had not escaped in time were buried”.

When we reported on the earthquake that hit Spain a little while back, we received an interesting comment from a person who went by the name “JD”. This was his comment, do you agree or disagree with him/her?

“Planet earth goes into a major re-shape once every 100-1000 years. If you read up a little on the planet history in seismic activity. (worlds major earthquakes ever recorded)maybe you will see a pattern on this quake activity. In (THEORY) the planet gravity as a lot to do with this, as the earth core burns and material keeps being ejected via volcanos, the material in the earth core as to be replaced somehow in this case the earth compresses it self therefore adding new burning material to the core., which brings to light the movie tittle: THE CORE I recommend anybody to see it is pretty good in explaining how the earth core works. If the earth core ever cools down the earth will stop rotating meaning that it will be always day in one side and night in the opposite side of the earth just like the moon it doesn’t rotate is static. So, the longest the earth is still burning in the inside there will be earthquakes.”