Shaun White introduces his line of shoes to be sold at Target

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 15, 2010 6:19 am

Last night in Manhattan, snowboarding sensation Shaun White unveiled his new line of shoes for men and boys to be sold in Target stores. They will be available for sale starting July 11th, and they are meant to accompany the 2010 version of all the Shaun White clothing Target carries.

The shoes were designed by Shaun and his brother, Jesse. Shaun’s been in business with Target for the past eight years, so they’re both expecting big things to come from this shoe line. Here’s what the logo for Shaun’s merchandise looks like:


All Shaun merchandise will now be sold just under Shaun’s name, as opposed to the orignial “Shaun White for Target” name. Troy Michels, team leader for lifestyle marketing at Target, says plans are currently in development for how to best advertise and market the new shoes and clothes.

The shoes won’t be any more expensive than $34.99, and the clothes will range from $7.99 for a T-shirt to $34.99 for a jacket.