Grete Eliassen…12, 14, 16 and the world record

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on April 16, 2010 10:03 pm

If you spend much time watching The Ski Channel or following, you know that we are into stats, rankings, lists, scores, etc.  We are the business who put together the Snowbiz 250, the top 10 ski guitars of all time and just wait til the whopper we have coming out next week. 

So Grete Eliassen…lets go over her report card…12 on beauty of course…14 on talent…16 on sweetest thing on planet…18 on personality is so good that she makes your day better just talking to her.  Of course these scores are on a scale of 1 to 10.  While the rest of the world is talking about how she partnered up with Red Bull and the Canyons Ski Resort to set the new Women’s Hip Jump World Record of 31 freaking feet, we decided to call her up and propose er uh ask some questions.

So here you go:

  • Ski Channel – You have just gone bigger than everyone in the world!  You are now a Guiness baby!  How do you feel?
  • Grete – It really feels amazing!  Even from what I recall as a little girl, I have always just wanted to go bigger and bigger.  This one was big.  I have to give a lot of credit to Red Bull and the Canyons Ski Resort.  They were both incredibly supportive and made this happen.
  • Ski Channel – How did you get into skiing?
  • Grete – My parents got me into it at a very early age.  I literally started skiing at age 2 at Hyland Hills in Minnesota.  (for all those interested, that is 175 feet of vertical and 52 inches of fresh per year.)
  • Ski Channel – Who were your inspirations growing up?
  • Grete – Susie Chaffee was a great inspiration of mine.  I saw her in the chapstick commercials and it really got me motivated want to ski. 
  • Ski Channel – How do you feel about your sport and the Olympics?
  • Grete – My dream was always to go to the Olympics.  I think it will happen in Sochi, but it is not as much of an issue anymore for me.  I am appreciative of any of the big events. 
  • Ski Channel – So you have a boyfriend?  Children?
  • Grete – Yea, he’s great.  Sometime down the road I want to have twins.  Maybe a boy and a girl.
  • Ski Channel – Do you have any really close friends out on the road?
  • Grete – I am going to be Sarah Burke’s bridesmaid coming up and I am great friends with another Red Bull athlete, Marie-France Roy.
  • Ski Channel – Any parting words?
  • Grete – I am really appreciative of Red Bull and the Canyons for putting the jump together.  They are great members of the ski industry!

Well there you have it, straight from the masterpieces mouth.  Speaking of her world record jump, check it out below.  Now lets all head off to Hyland Hills to reignite our skiing!