Aviation industry to lose $1 billion due to volcanic ash

Posted By: Selma Al-Faqih on April 17, 2010 11:17 am

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 The Center for Asia-Pacific Aviation announced that the aviation industry will lose 1 billion dollars due to flight disruptions caused by the volcanic ash covering Europe.  Six million passengers will be affected if the closure of airports continues. 

The volcanic ash is also costing consumers money, as stranded folks are having to foot hotel bills.  Travelers to the Los Angeles who came to attend a wedding left London the day before the airport shut down are now not certain when they will be able to return.  If you didn’t read it in our other article, British actor John Cleese paid a cab $5,100 to drive him 15 hours from Oslo to Brussels.  He hopes to then catch a train from there to UK.  Britain, Germany, and Northern France have grounded all aircraft.


Amazing volcano Flickr images here