Lindsey Vonn to present award at Academy of Country Music Awards

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 17, 2010 8:37 am

Boy, everyone wants a piece of Lindsey Vonn! Practically every late night and daytime talk show out there, the Red Bull arena, the New York Stock Exchange, TMZ…the list goes on. The newest camp to beg for a Lindsey Vonn appearance is the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Today, Lindsey is heading to Las Vegas, where she’ll present an award at the ceremony. Here’s what she said this morning: “I’m off to Vegas! I’m presenting an award at the Academy of Country Music Awards, should be fun, I’m really excited! If you want to check it out the show airs live Sunday night on CBS. Xoxo Lv”.

We love it when she ends her messages with Xoxo Lv. That means she’s hugging and kissing us! And sending us love! Lindsey…we were meant for each other…