The sun sets on High Noon: Vail’s Chair 5 is retired

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on April 19, 2010 11:31 am

Chairlifts are the same as great music.  They serve to remind of time and place.  Vail dropped the curtain on another ski season this past Sunday.  Taking the stage for the last time, Chair #5, the beautiful triple of the back bowls will now be shipped off to an old folks home (or small neighborhood ski area).

It was a special lift set in the middle of Ski Heaven.  Depending on your religious persuasion, she/he/it will be missed.

The Denver Post talked to a Vail ski patrolman about the mysterious “vortex” that could open up, Donnie Darko style, when riding Chair #5.

“You have to be riding on chair No. 12, ‘the observatory,’ looking at chair No. 11 in front of you,” said Vail ski patroller Dave “Auggie” Augusiewicz. “When you get to lift tower No. 11, you will see chair 111 passing tower 11 at the same time as chair 11, and it’s a vortex. And when that happens, you better go buy a lottery ticket or at least go into town that night. Because it’s a magical moment when that happens.”

A new high-speed quad will replace Chair #5, but the ability to travel back in time?  Good night, High Noon, you will be missed dearly.

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