Cheers erupt as flights begin to resume in Europe

Posted By: Selma Al-Faqih on April 20, 2010 11:11 am

Airports in London will stay closed until Wednesday, for now, but some flights took off from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. There were cheers not only coming from the passengers in the airplanes actually taking off, but in hotels and lobbies where stranded passengers heard the news. This is the first day that travelers were given good news since the eruption last Wednesday.

British Airways sought permission to land about a dozen flights from the United States, Asia and Africa at Heathrow Airport. The flights are en route and may have to head to airports elsewhere, according to news.

Travelers are being given the choice of waiting on stand by with their old tickets or buying new tickets.  Current ticket holders are being given priority.

800 German planes were allowed take off and landing, at low altitude. Over 95,000 flights were cancelled in the last week, but Eurocontrol air traffic agency said it predicts nearly all of it’s 27,500 flights to be running by Friday. Let’s estimate 200 passengers per flight at 95,000 flights come to…19,000,000 passengers all needing to be dealt with, which could take weeks.

Scientists are still watching Katla volcano, concerned that Eyjafjallajokull may trigger it. Katla erupted last in 1918, has been recorded to erupt every 80 years. The two have been active together in the past.  Iceland has had 8 volcanic eruptions in the last 40 years.