See who took home the gold at inaugural Ski Patrol Olympics at Squaw Valley

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 20, 2010 5:56 pm

[Squaw Valley USA] April 20, 2010 – This weekend, ski patrollers went head to head at Squaw Valley USA during the first ever nation-wide Professional Ski Patrol Olympics. Patrol teams from regions across the United States and Canada competed in insane sled races, bamboo throws, avalanche transceiver searches and a giant slalom race down some of Squaw Valley’s steepest terrain. Spectators and patrollers alike took in the exhilarating competitions at a mid-mountain bar and barbeque area where they watched the country’s best patrollers duke it out on the mountain.

After two days of close competition, the Mammoth Mountain/June patrol team claimed the Gold Medal and the title of the 2010 North American Patrol Champions. Squaw Valley USA took the Silver Medal and Alpine Meadows claimed the Bronze. Marcus Waring of Whistler Blackcomb was awarded the Gold Medal in the individual male category after an awe-inspiring randonee race and Squaw Valley’s own Lori Gunderson took home the Gold in the women’s category. Winners each took home healthy portions of the $1,500 Helly Hansen cash purse along with prizes from Alpha Explosives, Alpine Traverse, Helly Hansen and Squaw Valley USA.

Click Here for Video of the First Ever Nation-Wide Ski Patrol Olympics!

Official Results

Overall Team
1 Mammoth Mountain 31
2 Squaw Valley USA (B) 29
3 Alpine Meadows 24

Overall Individual – Men
1 Marcus Waring, Whistler Blackcomb
2 Zebulon Blais, Squaw Valley USA (B)
3 Chris Lizza, Mammoth

Overall Individual – Women
1 Lori Gunderson, Squaw Valley USA (B)
1 Michaela Adrien, Mammoth Mountain

3 Amanda Martin, Big Sky

Photo Courtesy of Gary Moore/Squaw Valley

Randonee Race
1 Marcus Waring, Whistler Blackcomb
2 Zebulon Blais, Squaw Valley USA (B)
3 Steve Keller, Alpine Meadows

Avalanche Transceiver Search
1 Lel Tone, Squaw Valley USA (B)
2 Chuck Megivern, Mammoth/June
3 Robert Wood, Big Sky

Big Mountain GS
1 Chris Lizza, Mammoth/June
2 Aaron Barnett, Squaw Valley USA (A)
3 Zebulon Blais, Squaw Valley USA (B)

Bomb Toss
1 Matt Calcutt, Squaw Valley USA (A)
2 Matt Shelton, Mountain High
3 Nick Dulemba, Squaw Valley USA (B)

Bamboo Toss
1 Eric Diem, Mammoth
2 Andy Peek, Squaw Valley USA (B)
3 Ben Leech, Squaw Valley USA (B)

Toboggan Race
1 Alpine Meadows (2)
2 Mammoth/June (2)
3 Alpine Meadows (1)