Mountain Rideshare can help travelers stranded at European ski resorts due to volcano

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 21, 2010 7:22 am

                                                                                 Mountain Rideshare to the Rescue!!!

As the Icelandic volcano disruption continues to obstruct flights, leaving thousands of people stranded in and out of Ski resorts over Europe and in fact all over the world… is one method of travel that could help repatriate these mountain enthusiasts to their end destinations.

By buddying up with others who are making their journeys by road, waiting times to get on flights could be reduced, allowing people to get back to their everyday lives or to their ski resort of choice.

Using Mountain Rideshare could potentially save people money on rebooking last minute flights whilst at the same time making friends and travelling in an environmentally friendlier way.

If you’re stuck in or near ski resorts, or need to get to one, it might be worth registering, offering or requesting a ride to speed up your journey!