The Ski Channel’s original biopic of Bryon Friedman premieres Sunday

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 23, 2010 12:09 pm

On this coming Sunday, April 25th, get ready for some great new programming  on The Ski Channel. We’re releasing some stellar original productions, including “With Rhyme and Reason”, a Bryon Friedman biopic.

Bryon Friedman is a former U.S. Ski Team athlete who endured a horrible crash during a run in Chamonix in 2005. He broke his leg so badly that Doctors thought he would never walk again. Instead of turning his life into one big mope-fest, Bryon changed gears. He, along with Erik Schlopy, founded the World Cup Dreams Foundation, which provides National Alpine Ski Team members with the financial resources needed to help them achieve their ski racing goals and compete at their highest level.

Additionally, Bryon is pursuing a career in music, and his skills on the guitar are just as stellar as his skills on skis. The film follows Bryon from his beginnings as a child skier, through his coming up to the ski team. It takes the audience through the tragedy of Bryon’s crash, and then his rebirth as a musician and philanthropist. Join Bryon as he learns from some of the world’s best guitarists at Fender University, and applies the lessons he learned there on the stage.

“With Rhyme and Reason” premieres this Sunday on The Ski Channel.