High school student returns home safely from ski trek to North Pole

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 27, 2010 6:23 am

We’re thrilled to report that high school sophomore Taylor Sweitzer from Wilmette, Illinois is home safely after ski trekking to the North Pole!

The eight-day, 69-mile trip left his toes still tingling on Monday. “I think they are frost-nipped, not forstbitten”, said the boy.

Taylor was not alone on this trip. His father, Rick, and four others joined him and camped out on moving ice floes during the trip. Rick runs two adventure travel companies, based in Wilmette, and he flew Taylor to the North Pole when he was a young boy. Ever since that day, Taylor said he wanted to ski to the Pole.

For this trip, they flew to Norway and took a helicopter to the jump-off point. This isn’t Taylor’s first bout with adventure. He’s already climbed the Grand Tetons, the Matterhorn and Mount Kilimanjaro. Let us remind you…he’s 15.

“There were places where the ice was moving apart, making it really difficult to travel,” he said. “Some days we might travel eight to nine miles, and overnight we might actually lose ground while we were sleeping because it was moving so fast.”

What an awesome guy! Keep up the adventures Taylor! We’re glad you’re home safe!