Students get jail time for ski pass fraud

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 29, 2010 12:30 pm

Nathaniel Hicks, Cody Christman, Logan Funke and Eric Kloehn are all paying the price for ski pass fraud. The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology  students were sentenced to 15 days in jail and granted work release. They will also pay $580 in restitution and $200 in fines and costs.

The Terry Peak Ski Area annual passes that they forged are worth $580.25 each.

This punishment is more lenient than it was going to be originally. The misdemeanor charge was originally a felony, but Terry Peak officials agreed to reduce the charges. “You are very fortunate,” said Judge Randall Macy. “You would have had felonies on your record.”

Nathaniel Hicks said that “we understood it was wrong. This felony (indictment) really opened our eyes. We just want to make it right.”

Judge Macy ordered the men to begin their jail sentences no later than May 14 and if they have any violations in the next year, they could be ordered to serve an additional 15 days in jail.