Aries 2010 history of snowboarding video

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 3, 2010 7:36 am

ARIES2010 contains the digital and physical archives that encompass the foundation and lifeblood of snowboarding. From photographs and historical discourse to trick schematics and some of the sport’s most pivotal gear, some of these artifacts will be enclosed for 10 years inside the ARIES2010 pod. The physical arachnid, lunar lander was designed and built by Brian Addison Elliot. Xenon gas inside the pod will ensure its contents are preserved in their original state. Artists, photographers, iconic riders and authors have contributed to the collection that tells the story of snowboarding. We chose the 2010 Vancouver Olympics as an ideal place to launch ARIES2010. The event itself is a point that unites snowboarding.

Two parties were held at the Boardroom in Vancouver. The opening was held on FEB 13, 2010 the closing show was on FEB 19, 2010.