Help Protect Our Winters and write to your Senator

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 11, 2010 2:03 pm

                                                                     WE’RE DOWN TO THE LAST FEW DAYS

During our meetings on Capitol Hill over two months ago, the message was clear: the transition to a clean energy economy hinges on a number of undecided Senators, and the efforts of the winter sports community could make a difference in tipping the scales.

The numerous Senators and Congressmen we met with asked us to help them by rallying the snow sports community to urge those undecided Senators to support the legislation when it’s brought to the Senate.  It was clear how close this vote could be and that our actions could play a big role. 

So immediately afterwards, we launched the “Sixty Days” campaign to give everyone the ability see where their Senator stands on climate change legislation and a direct line of communication to them.

Today, there are still undecided Senators from states such as Maine, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire and Minnesota, just to name a few.  Ironically, these mountain states stand to lose the most if climate change continues unimpeded through the loss of millions of jobs and annual tourism revenue.

The big oil/gas lobby has millions of dollars to throw around Capitol Hill to influence our law makers, but we have something more powerful: our collective voice and a deep passion to protect the mountains and the communities we call home. 

In the last fifty-eight days, thousands of letters have been sent, but this is our last push.  Apparently, a bill will be presented to the Senate tomorrow so we literally have twenty-four hours to get our Senators focused on supporting clean energy.

If you haven’t sent a letter yet, the time is now.  This is our moment to be be heard, and an opportunity to influence policy to protect something close to us for today, and for generations behind us.

Please click here to see where your Senators stands on the issue and to easily send a letter: