Update on missing boy, found dead, mother and stepfather charged with murder

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 12, 2010 7:20 am

Sad news to report today. Yesterday we reported on the 4-year-old boy that had gone missing near the Powder Mountain Ski Resort, Ethan Stacy.

Ethan has been found dead in Wolf Canyon near the ski area. His mother and stepfather are now in police custody and have been charged with his murder. The stepfather, Nathan Sloop, 31, has been charged with aggravated homicide. The mother, Stephanie Sloop, 27, has been charged with felony child abuse, obstruction of justice and desecration of a corpse.

Stephanie had originally told police that Ethan had wandered off five of the last 10 nights, and had always returned. “That appears to have been a ruse by the mother, something to cover the tracks,” said Layton police Lt. Garret Atkin.

Later on Tuesday, after police had been searching for over a day, Stephanie Sloop and Nathan Sloop led them to the location of Ethan’s body. The Sloop’s story constantly changed. Nathan has a criminal record.

Authorities have not yet revealed when the Sloops will appear in court.