Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones loved living and skiing in Switzerland

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 17, 2010 5:32 am

The Rolling Stones are known for recording their albums in several different countries around the world. For guitarist Keith Richards, he recently admitted that Switzerland was one of his all time favorites. While living there in the 1970′s, he loved every second of it. He felt he should immerse himself in the Swiss culture as much as possible, so learned how to ski. He said that learning how to ski helped him fit in with the locals, and he truly loved it.

“Switzerland was about the only country that would accept me at the time, so I’m always very grateful to the Swiss. I actually learned to ski, which was an amazing sight, believe me, to see Keith Richards ski,” he laughed.

Two of his other favorite places to record albums included Jamaica and Los Angeles. “I have very strong roots in Jamaica. I love the joint, I love the people, even though they’re crazy. Takes one to know one,” he told British newspaper The Independent. “The great thing about LA, especially in those days, you could make a phone call at three in the morning and say: ‘We need a couple of voices.’ Within half an hour, there’d be a couple of chicks ready to go, still wearing their nightdresses. It was like that. You’d have an idea and it would actually happen, which was kind of cool.”