Ted Davenport joins brother Chris in the Spyder family

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on May 20, 2010 6:02 pm

The brothers Davenport have it covered from mountain tops to the Canadian Arctic.  There’s even been palling around with penguins in Antarctica.  Chris and Ted Davenport have lifted their leg and marked up the entire snow globe. 

With all their covering, it’s nice someone is returning the favor.  Spyder will now cover and clothe Ted Davenport, the 29-year-old East Coast racer turned worldwide freeskier.  For Spyder it’s the completion of a Davenport Monopoly, with Ted joining brother Chris as part of the Spyder family.

Ted recently returned from a month-long ski expedition on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. The trip was kicked off with a bon voyage gift from Spyder; the iconic ski apparel brand delivered a contract for athlete sponsorship to Davenport’s Colorado home the morning of his departure. Davenport immediately inked the deal, faxing the paperwork in from his hotel in Ottawa, Canada before heading out into the snowcapped wild.

“I think my bro (big mountain skier and Spyder teammate, Chris Davenport) signed his contract the morning he left for his expedition on Antarctica, which is a cool coincidence,” said Davenport.

Spyder is a pioneer in the freeski market, leading the genre back in the early Nineties with a progressive line of dedicated freeski apparel for legendary ripper Kent Kreitler. “I’m stoked to be with one of the longest running skiwear brands in the industry. Not only does Spyder have deep roots in the ski culture, but they’re also redefining the direction of their team to remain innovative in the free skiing community. This new direction fits perfectly into my goals and aspirations as a professional skier,” said Davenport.

“Ted adds an additional layer of talent to the team, especially with his extreme weather destinations,” said Laura Wisner, director of marketing. “He’ll provide a unique and valuable voice to product discussions, plus his stories are intriguing to our consumers. It’s a winning situation for us.”

The elder Davenport, Chris, is best known for climbing and skiing all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks in one year.  He turned his mind-blowing feat into an astounding picture book, Ski the 14ers.  Your coffee table is begging you to buy it.

The brothers Davenport are now brothers in Spyder.

photos by Matt Power

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