Mammoth Mountain’s endless winter rolls into an historic June

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on May 25, 2010 11:38 am

Your wall calendar is playing tricks on you.  Sabotaging your love of skiing.  It’s an easy trick.  June’s monthly picture does not match Mammoth Mountain’s current reality. 

El Nino came and El Nino neutered your wall calendar in an historic way.  According to Mammoth weather expert, Clifford Mann, Mammoth Mountain ski resort banked its second largest April on record.  But, the late season momentum did not stop there.  Since Mother’s Day, the ski resort has added another foot plus of fresh snow. In the past 40 years Mann informs, “Six times we have had 18 or more inches in May.”  Historic times indeed.  This is going to mess up Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. 

Skiing this late in the season is a gift from a stranger.  All that is left is your acceptance.  Would you like to go skiing?  Well, here you go.  It’s yours.

We talked to a few of our favorite Mammoth folks to help contextualize what a special season it has been and what you’re missing right now as your calendar plays mind games on you.

Tyler Goforth‘s title is Biz Operations Systems Manger.  What he really does is bike to work… during the winter.  He’s currently at 120 days out of the 152 he’s worked.  We won’t press him for carbon credits on those 32 days he didn’t pedal his way. “Just when we thought it couldn’t get any deeper, it did.  Mammoth is rocking more corn than Iowa.”

Eric Sarvey is the Web/E-commerce Developer and a certified backcountry badass.  A nice day off of work for this guy includes a 6K foot vertical skin.  And where have your lungs been lately?
“This season’s snowfall has been and continues to be amazing: Convex gullies, many days of waist or chest deep powder and May has brought both powder and perfect hero corn. MMSA Lift Maintenance and Ski Patrol were especially impressive this season by getting the headwall open and safe for everyone to shred, very quickly, under these extreme conditions.”

Ben Perez, Mammoth Vacations Manager, is an ex-Coloradoan who manages to make it on the hill often, considering his rigorous work and party schedule.
“The season was a non-stop slaughter of facials.  If it wasn’t a blue bird pow day, you were storm-trooping in the trees up to the knees. It is kind of hard to remember the days in between that it wasn’t snowing…As of lately the coverage is uncanny and the recent storm and cold temps have made some soft groomers and epic park conditions, I know some people are ready for summer activities but I recommend they just go out there and get involved with this 09/10 majestic wonder.”

Dan Hansen, PR man extraordinaire, survived the hills of Minnesota and is not bitter that it took him 24 years to find the real mountains of Mammoth.  “When I think back to how much powder I’ve skied this season, the craziest part is that we’re still getting snow every single week. I fully expect to be skiing powder in June.”

Jef Rahmeyer, Mammoth Vacations Staff Trainer, trains tons of people how to answer calls from the hoards of “colorful” people who call Mammoth.
“El Nino kicked into high gear and February, March and April were off the charts. I certainly enjoyed more knee deep days than any other season since I moved back to Mammoth. Oh – and don’t forget the few days in May when we got freshies as well. It’s been a sick season and there’s no end in sight.

There goes that cunning calendar, playing tricks on Mr. Rahmeyer.  There is an end in sight, and it’s July 4th.  A month of skiing is still in session at Mammoth Mountain.  Go pick up your unexpected gift today.


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