Ski Press World seemingly bites the dust

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on May 29, 2010 8:21 pm

Although there has been no official word, it seems pretty clear that Ski Press World is no longer amongst the living ski pubs. Rumors have been flying for pretty much the last year. Then Thursday what is likely the most telling event took place as Publisher Jean-Marc Blais sent out a letter saying that he was out.

The company supposedly filed for bankruptcy protection in December. Peter Kray left the publication after SIA. Kray one of the most talented writers in the business was about as impactful as the Bryan Brothers leaving the US Davis Cup team…just a flat our rock star.

Again there has been no official word that the magazine is defunct, but the SIA show dailies were just given to someone else, the skipressworld, com website and well as their Facebook and twitter feeds have seemingly been abandoned and they have lost AAA talent.

Crossing our fingers that this is just a bump in the road and an announcement of something cool from that camp comes shortly.

It might sound kooky, coming from what is a direct competitor, but if you like reading ski magazines – support them and support their sponsors or you could wake up one day and there aren’t any.