Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort = off the hook

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on June 4, 2010 9:51 pm

Mammoth Mountain certainly has had one of the best years on record.  It is having one of the best years on record for any ski resort in the world.  Lets mix up the ingredients here:

  • Sunny & 70 degrees everyday
  • Tons of snow
  • Beautiful girls in bikini tops
  • Every pro skier on the planet is there, just left or coming next week
  • You can now fly right in on jet service
  • It is still open for at least another month

Not too tough to bake a great cake when you have those ingredients?  There are some major US ski resorts that have been closed since March and Mammoth still has another month and incredible conditions?   Is there any question where we should all be buying second homes?  The damn resort is open 2 months longer than the field!  I don’t have my abacus out, but that is about 30% more days to ski.

“Spring skiing at Mammoth is my favorite skiing anytime, anywhere,” said Mike Katsis of Los Angeles.  “You have never seen more beautful girls skiing in bikini tops and T’s anywhere.  This weekend I’m bringing a ring.” 

The air service into Mammoth has gone from non-existant to spectacular in the last few years.  “I have now gotten to Mammoth from LA and San Francisco on the most convenient flights,” said Eric Dickerson of San Francisco.  “Horizon Air is a great airline and the Mammoth airport is ridiculessly easy to get in and out of.  Other ski resort airports require an expedition team to make it to the slopes.  Mammoth is just a straight shot up an easy highway.  You are there in minutes.”

“We have had a tremendous season this year at Mammoth,” said Dan Hansen Mammoth Mountain PR Guru.  “The snow has been beyond belief and the ski resort has just flat out been the place to be this season.”

On slope, it has certainly been a who’s who or Hollywood celebs and pro skiers.  Some of pro skiers that have been seen wooing crowds of late include:  Simon Dumont, Chris Bentchetler, Greg Bretz, Kristi Leskinen, Bobby Brown, Mike Douglass and Nick Martini. 

Currently Mammoth Mountain is set to stay open until July 4th!  Pretty freakin cool!