Squaw Valley Ski Resort to have spectacular summer

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on June 10, 2010 4:50 pm

This summer the Squaw Valley ski resort is introducing a new bike shop which will give customers the ability to freeride bikes for mountain biking and searching for the paved bike path. They also announced that they will bring new activities to the mountain this summer. In addition to ice skating, dining, swimming, tennis and hiking customers will now be able to enjoy three new activities such as paintball, zip-lining and disc golfing at Lake Tahoe’s resort. If you would like to enjoy your summer in the sunshine, go to Squaw Valley and go to their new bike shop while mountain biking, enjoying their bike path and exploring their new activities.

Squaw Valley has the privilege of having some of the best trail biking in the country. Thus, this summer they are bringing back mountain biking. Bikers could follow their trail along the Truckee River from Squaw Valley to the great waters of Lake Tahoe.  Their mountain is the most vertical and extreme of any bike park in Tahoe, which provides a downhill trail with cross country and freeriding trails. This trail is safely separated from Route 89, providing a safe sightseeing of the Tahoe area.  Also, bikers could ride Squaw’s Cable Car to enjoy the landscape by purchasing a bike day ticket.

The mountain bike park is scheduled to open mid to late summer due to conditions with snow. If you would like to rent downhill and freeride bikes its available at Squaw Valley’s bike shop.      

In addition to mountain and trail biking this summer Squaw Valley, is introducing three new activities, paintballing, zip-lining and disc golf.

First, Paintball is a very up and coming sport and therefore coming to Squaw Valley this summer. Paintball will open daily starting mid-summer which will allow semi-automatic paintball guns, masks and safety equipment for rent on-site.

Second, Zip-Lining, is also coming this summer which is great for people who want to enjoy a thrilling and great scenery overlooking Squaw Valley. Zip-Lining is scheduled to open mid-summer because of complications with snow.

Lastly, Disc Golf, Squaw Valley will offer 18-holes of wonderful fun at elevation of 8,200’. The course is scheduled to open mid-summer as well at High Camp because of snow conditions, as stated above. You could rent discs at the High Camp Bath and Tennis Shop.