Mammoth Mountain ski resort going nutz this spring

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on June 13, 2010 1:45 pm

It is June 13th.  Ski season is over – right?  In the words of Garth and Wayne…NOT!  The famed ski resort in the Eastern Sierras, Mammoth Mountain is better than ever. 

“This place has better corn right now than Nebraska,” said Berry Rogers.  “Everyday is absolutely bluebird and the snow is amazing.   I have been sprinting up every chance I get.  It seems like every famous skiier and snowboarder in the world is up now.  I am not a park skier, but I find myself just lapping the runs right by the park because the show is so good from the lift.  Video shooters are everywhere and half of the lift rides are with some famous skier or some great up and comer.” 

The weekend migration from Los Angeles is on full scale assualt right now.  Especially the Hollywood set, as there are more Hollywood deals getting cut on the Broadway Express lift than in the Shutters lobby.  Actor/Director Chad Lowe has been spending time there.  “It has just been amazing in Mammoth lately,” said Lowe.  “You couldn’t have better corn snow.”  “I had the best ski weekend of my life last weekend in Mammoth,” said Actress/Host Melissa Rivers.  “It is absolutely beautiful up there now, I can’t wait to get back.”

Mammoth has always been one of the best ski resorts in America from a mountain perspective, but the town hasn’t exactly been Aspen or Vail.  The village addition was pretty incredible as a facility, but for some reason it didn’t click with the patroms.  A lot of cool restaurants and bars came and went.  The Laka Nuki was a moderately good anchor tentant, but it was not enough.  But what a difference a year and change can make. 

Now the village is really taking shape.  Gomez’s Mexican restaurant the long time local fave made the move from its quaint little A frame to the Village and is now a great hang.  Not more than 20 feet away is the new Hyde.  Hyde is about as cool as it gets and when added to Laka Nuki there is now a power trio of anchor tenantry.  Add in Sushi Rei and the Auld Dubliner and the village has gone from sleepy to the place to be.

“Mammoth probably is the most dominent spring skiing resort in the world,” said Rogers.  “I think you can use the word mecca.”

No doubt Mammoth always has incredible snow, but this year it was pounded with late season storms.  There is so much snow there that they are actually having to remove snow for their mountain bike trails.  The ski resort is also a magnet for some of the best bike riders in the country all summer.

The ski resort is tentatively open for skiing until July 4th with probably enough snow to make it further into the summer if they really want to make skiers and snowboarders happy!