Ski jump and Nordic Combined ski returns to college campuses

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 14, 2010 11:20 am

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Big news out of Park City, Utah. Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined skiing will return to college campuses across the country in 2011.

The Nordic combined is a winter sport in which athletes compete in both cross-country skiing as well as ski jumping.

The event has been extinct form college competition for over two decades!

Earlier this month, the United States Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association (USCSA) held its annual Board of Directors meeting in Park City. It was during this meeting that USCSA Board member, John Jacobs, made a proposition to sanction the USCSA Nordic Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined, men and women, for the 2011 ski season.

As part of Jacobs’s presentation, the entire USCSA Board went to visit the Utah Olympic Park to watch a Nordic Jumping practice session. Upon returning to the meeting the USCSA Board of Directors came to a unanimous vote to sanction Nordic Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined during the 2011 season, culminating with these events being contested at the 2011 USCSA National Championships.

Nordic Ski Jumping has not been sanctioned at the college level in this country since the early 1980s. Men and women ski jumping athletes can once again make the decision to continue their jumping careers while also attending college and continuing their education as well.

Jacobs expressed how, “with this vote by the USCSA these athletes can further their education and continue to participate in the sport that they love”. Nordic ski jumping and combined competitors will no longer be faced with the post-high school decision of either continuing their careers, or pursuing a college education. Now for the first time in over 20 years, they can do both.

“Today’s vote is a historic moment for our organization and the sport of Nordic jumping and Nordic Combined, and will carry the USCSA well into the future,” added Mark Sullivan, president of USCSA.

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Along with voting to sanction Nordic Jumping, the USCSA Technology Committee has also unveiled a new point scoring system that has been specifically developed to rank USCSA student athletes. This scoring system was developed in partnership with Split Second Timing, and the good folks at the USCSA.

“Our athletes now have the ability to compare themselves with others across the county”, said Sullivan. The USCSA also discussed the relationship they have with the United State Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA).

The organization has also passed a vote to give Sullivan authority to continue conversations with the USSA about the future of the respective organizations relationship.

The USCSA is the sports federation for collegiate team ski racing and snowboarding in America. In excess of 180 colleges from coast to coast, it contains over 4500 male and female, alpine, freestyle, Nordic skiing, and snowboarding athletes, competing in over 300 events every year.