Snowboarder Magazine announces new ‘Superpark Sunday’ video contest presented by Gatorade

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 14, 2010 10:13 am

SNOWBOARDER Magazine has brought the world’s top snowboarding talent together for their annual Superpark event for over 14 years running and every year the staff is inundated with more amazing content than they know what to do with.

This year was no exception. “With over 60 videographers and 200 plus riders in attendance at Superpark 14 presented by Gatorade, the amount of coverage produced by this one event was outstanding,” said Chris Engelsman, publisher SNOWBOARDER Magazine. Therefore, in addition to all the content already available on, SNOWBOARDER is bringing readers into the mix with a new video contest called Superpark Sunday Showdown presented by Gatorade.

The contest pits 16 video submissions from top snowboard video producers, including the likes of Videograss, Play Big and Helgasons, against one another in a bracket system to determine who created the best video from Superpark 14 encapsulating Gatorade’s “Go All Day” mantra. Ultimately, one edit will be named the single best video produced at Superpark14. SNOWBOARDER will award the winner a hefty $5,000 grand prize. But first they must earn your votes.

Each week a new match-up will be posted on “SNOWBOARDER has studied all of the videos in great detail in order to seed the submissions in a way that is going to create the greatest contrast,” notes Pat Bridges, editor SNOWBOARDER Magazine. “This insures that angles, riders, themes and editing will be as varied as possible in the early brackets.”

Voting in each round will begin on Sunday and close the following Friday at midnight (PST). Fans can vote for their favorite video once every 24 hours. At the end of each week the number of votes each video received will be tallied and the winner will advance into the next round.

“The head-to-head format is unique in that it’ll introduce audiences to video crews they may have never heard of before like Homies Grounds from Europe, Think Thank or Variety Pack,” adds Engelsman. “We created Superpark Sunday Showdowns to provide a platform for Superpark’s videographers and riders to showcase their talents, but also as a fun and creative new way to share the excitement of Superpark with our readers.”

In addition to watching the videos for overall enjoyment, each clip will be accompanied by an editorial synopsis and background information that can be taken under consideration prior to voting.

The first match up is between TJ Schneider’s Snowboard Realms and the Video Gypsy Nick Cater. Voting for this first bracket begins this Sunday, June 13 at

“The Superpark Sunday Showdown combines snowboarding, democracy and the freedom to watch free snowboarding videos online,” says Bridges. “How could it go wrong? Add to it the fact that one of these films is going to earn its creator $5,000 and you have the best thing to happen to snowboard videos since the dolly cam!”