Coming Up: An interview with Mammoth Mountain ripper Parker White

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 15, 2010 8:47 am

To check out more of Parker’s amazing style, check out “For the Hell of It” and “Eye Trip” launching this summer/fall

Name: Parker West White

Nickname(s): Parhkness , P-Double, P-White

Age: 19

Hometown: Dorset, Vermont

Current Stomping Grounds: Mammoth Mountain, CA

Sponsors: Kooter Brown, Rossignol, Electric, Skullcandy, Orage


The Resume

King of Style 2009 entry – Parker White

What skiers did you look up to when you were growing up?
I looked up to Candide [Thovex] a lot, Candide and Pep.


What was the ski scene like back at your high school/academy? I know your current roommate, Chris Logan, went there along with some fellow up-and-comers like Brian Kish. Was the ski scene pretty big, or were you guys just the exceptions?

I grew up riding Bromley and then moved to Mount Snow with Chris. It was pretty mellow, just rode with all my friends every day. But when we went to competitions we would compete against dudes like Ahmet [Dadali] and Mike Clarke. I guess the ski scene was big, but I was young and didn’t realize it. There have always been big names coming out of the East Coast.


Were your parents supportive to you leaving HS and moving to Mammoth? Was there a moment that they knew this was something worth exploring?

Yeah they were real cool about it. My mom and dad were both really big into sports when they were younger so they understood.


There’s a common phrase among the ski community, particularly amongst skiers who grew up in the East: “If you can ski the worst, you can ski the best.” How do you feel growing up in Vermont influenced the skier/person you are today?

Yeah, it definitely makes me appreciate where I live a lot more, sometimes its easy to take it for granted though. I usually won’t ride in cloudy / windy weather if its not a pow day.


You appeared briefly in the 2009 Mammoth Superpark segment featured in Level 1′s 2009 Movie “Refresh” – one of the craziest film shoots ever. What was it like being around such high levels of talent? How did that initial link-up with Level 1 come about?

Skullcandy sponsors the movie so my friend, and team manager, Jimbo Morgan hit up Berman when they were in town and got Darhkness (Chris Logan) and me in on the shoot. I was already good friends with a couple people on the crew, so everyone was real cool with us being there. Each person on that crew has such different style from each other, it was one of the best sessions I have had thus far.


Let’s fast forward to 2010, you have been filming like crazy with Berman and Level 1 Proudctions this year, how does it feel to get called up to the big leagues full-time?

Ha not really filming like crazy, but I am really stoked I got the opportunity be included in a few of their Park Shoots. Hopefully all goes well and I can put out a nice seggy with them.


What can people expect to see of you in Level 1′s “Eye Trip” and Montage’s own “For the Hell of It”

“For the Hell of It” is going to be what Montage has always been; good style, good music, and some real nice pow skiing from the whole Montage Crew. I think Darhkness and I are going to split a short segment for “Eye Trip.” That movie will be nuts.


You won the Gatorade Free Flow Tour stop in Mammoth, and went on to the finals at Mount Snow (your home mountain). How was this experience?

It was alright. It was cool to get back to Mount Snow and see some friends. Vibes at competitions are always kind of weird but it was a solid crew at Finals and I had a good time.


Mammoth for a while reigned as the pro skier capital of the world, but has since seen somewhat of a migration of pros head to Utah/Colorado. Do you think the talent there has become somewhat underrated? Have you ever considered moving to somewhere with a more established scene?

No man, I will be based out of Mammoth for a while. Not having a giant scene at Mammoth is what I like most about it. I would rather ride at an underrated mountain then an overrated one. We got some of the best parks and weather, without the crowds.


You’ve assembled a pretty close-knit crew of skiers amongst your roommates; do you guys ever feel any sort of rivalry or competition with one another now? I know you and Chris used to have somewhat a rivalry before becoming close friends?

Haa, no rivalry. Chris and I used to hate each other when we were young because of competitions. Then I ended up moving in with him and and his family when I was like 14.


What’s your warm-up trick (after a straight air) on something like Mammoth middle jump in Main Park?

Seven [Twenty] Blunt.


Which do you prefer: a perfect day taking the sleds to the BC on Sonora Pass, or a groomed, sunny day in Main Park with no crowds or wind?

Sonora. Pow is just more fun than Park.


Taking advantage of the epic 2009-2010 Mammoth Mountain winter on the daily

What are your competition/film goals/ski plans for next season?

I don’t think I will be competing at all. I just want to film some good footage with Montage, and hopefully put out a nice segment with Level 1′s next movie.


What are your plans for summer? Summer camps, etc?

Probably skate alot. I am going to camp out of my Subaru at Hood and ride Windells. I will just have to shower more this year so I don’t get another Staph Infection.


For more pictures and clips of Parker White and his talented group of friends, check out the Montage-Inc website.