Epic new surf trick looks straight out of snowboard halfpipe

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 17, 2010 10:52 am

Surfing has seemingly always had one elusive trick every couple of years that everyone talks about landing, but can never fully stomp until someone appears out of nowhere to prove the impossible.

First it was the 360, and having to land switch before riding out the wave. Once that was mastered, a new “it” trick had to be established. After the 360 became somewhat commonplace, there were loud murmurs of surfers attempting proper “kick flips” on their boards a la skateboarding. In 2007, Volcom even went so far as to offer 10 grand to anyone who could pony up video proof of themselves perfectly stomping the move.

Now it seems yet another thought-to-be impossible trick has been conquered, and yet again surfing is taking influence from a different board sport, except this time it’s the snow kind.

Check out this amazing video just released of 27-year-old surfer Flynn Novak putting down what is believed to be surfing’s first backflip. Taking a cue from his own name, Novak has forever labellled the trick as the “Flintstone Flip.”



Looks pretty familar doesn’t it? I just picture a snowboarder boosting out of a blue superpipe with a massive rodeo when I view this clip.

Pretty amazing stuff there Mr. Novak. However, as the man explains in the video, this trick has been 8 years in the making, so what is going to be the next hot trick in surfing?

Perhaps now surfers will take yet another page out of the ski and snowboard community and go crazy for double flips? Just a thought.