Frenchman inline skates off Eiffel Tower, breaks nothing but a world record

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 18, 2010 4:40 pm

Red Bull has made it a habit now to conceptualize radical stunts for their brand’s athletes with hopes of knocking out as many world records as possible. There was Robbie Madison at Red Bull No Limits in Las Vegas famously launching up and down off Caesar’s Palace on New Year’s Eve. One year later saw Travis Pastrana taking his rally car and launching off the Long Beach Pier. Finally, who could forget skier Simon Dumont blasting a 39-foot Cork 900 tail out of a quarterpipe to shatter the previous high air!

Now Red Bull has even recruited some inline skaters into the mix, enlisting the efforts of the veteran Frenchman Taig Khris. Khris, who for years was untouchable on a vert ramp, hadn’t earned much attention over the last few years with the elimination of nearly every organized inline skate contest since the demise of ASA events.

Seemingly out of nowhere Khris has emerged as a Red Bull athlete hell-bent on stealing “the highest free-fall into a mega-ramp record” from skateboarder Danny Way.

The French inliner thought what better way to go about smashing the standing record then to do it in his home country of France, at their most famous landmark, The Eiffel Tower.

Check out the amazing video:

Personally I think it’s time we see Khris follow the path of Winter X Games Europe Champion Kaya Turski and simply ditch the blades for a bit to make the transition to skiing full-time. Taig’s seriouos aerial awareness, deep bag of tricks in the halfpipe, and sheer balls would make him an instant threat in the sport.