‘Go Skateboarding Day’ kicks off summer today, skiers take note

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 21, 2010 1:27 pm

For those who were unaware, today officially marks the start of the summer. Designated by the annual Summer Solstice, where hours of sunlight reach their peak, the days will now begin to fall gradually shorter until the pattern reverses again later in the year.

Worldwide, interpretation of the Summer Solstice has varied between cultures, but is usually met with some sort of holiday or celebration. One such event that has been catching on in recent years has been the formation of the international “Go Skateboarding Day.”

Go Skateboarding Day could be arbitrarily placed on any of the 365 days that comprise our calendar year, but its chosen date is practical in the sense that this annual, special session falls on the first day of summer as not only will younger skateboarders largely be out of school, but will additionally have ample time to skate with the maximum duration of light.

While skateboarding can clearly benefit from having a longer day, and therefore a longer session, it’s entirely possible skiers could take a page from this other action sport, and turn it into their own special day of sessioning.

It’s true that there are very few ski areas still open for the season in the Northern Hemisphere, but for those lucky enough to live near one of those places, you should rally all your friends for one last-ditch effort to go ski.

Even if you can’t ski on actual snow, find the nearest backyard summer astro-turf setup, dry-slope, water ski lake, glacier, etc. to get your last major session in. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but just that you do it.

Some skiers are already ahead of the game and have been engaging in their own special Summer Solstice-inspired sessions. Most notably was the large crew assembled last night at Mammoth Mountain for a Midnight jump session under-the-lights featuring Red Bull team members Bobby Brown, Simon Dumont, Sean Petit, Greg Bretz, Mikey Rencz, and others. While they technically cheated to make their session longer, they have the right idea.

Meanwhile, over in Norway where darkness is nearly non-existent during the summer, top skiers like Tom Wallisch have been using the ample lighting to finish up upcoming segments and stomp new tricks. However, be advised to grab some quality black-out curtains as Mr. Wallisch  has already lamented the difficulties of sleeping with the short nightfall.

Most importantly though, it doesn’t matter the way in which you celebrate today as long as you get outside and take advantage of this natural opportunity to have the most fun possible.