New ski movie trailer shows why Quebec is urban skiing capital

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 21, 2010 11:30 am

Frigid winters with average snowfall are not exactly the ideal ingredients that one would typically welcome when asked to come up with their ideal ski environment, but after viewing the trailer for ESK Media’s new film “Stadacone” one might be tempted to say otherwise.

The role of French Canada in the freestyle skiing world has long been established for over a decade beginning with the “New Canadian Airforce” (the godfathers of modern freestyle skiing) and has produced such current talents as Winter X Games stars Charles Gagnier, Phil Casabon, and JF Houle. Looking at this aforementioned roster of talent, it’s easy to understand how these technical, stylish skiers developed with the surplus of jib opportunities that liter the Canadian province. What the Quebec might lack in resort terrain they certainly make up for in urban skiing locales.

Not surprisingly this trend has continued, as the new ESK Media trailer displays the new crop of talent who are leading the way for the next generation urban skills.

ESK media’s “Stadaconé” Trailer from ESK media on Vimeo.