Unbelievable helmet cam video of skier buried and then rescued in avalanche

Posted By: Selma Al-Faqih on June 21, 2010 10:06 am

This experienced skier was skiing in Haines, Alaska with a group in 2008 when an avalanche caught and buried him.

As reported by “Chappy” on vimeo, the miracle of this video is that the skier was buried only 4:28, which by any standard is very short. He goes on to report:

“The ruffling noise back and forth is his chest rising and falling and the noise that his jacket makes. The intermittent whimpering noise you hear is him trying to swallow and get some air since the Avalung wasn’t fully in his mouth and instead just to the corner of his mouth. They located him so fast because his right glove came off just before he came completely to rest and there was an excellent visual of course.”

Even experienced backcountry skiers can get in a jam. This video is a good example of why it’s important to always go with a group, and to have trained EMT and avalanche guides with you.

Avalanche Skier POV Helmet Cam Burial & Rescue in Haines, Alaska from Chappy on Vimeo.