Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour finals wrap up in downtown Portland

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 22, 2010 1:10 pm

After five months and over 15,000 miles on the tricked out RV, the Campus Rail Jam Tour returned home to Portland, Oregon to crown the nation’s best amateur jibbers at their third annual downtown showdown. Eighty of the top rail riders from qualifiers made the trek in hopes of taking home the championship, bragging rights, and a chunk of the $10,000 prize purse.

Competitors were fittingly welcomed to Portland in typical Pacific Northwest style with ugly clouds and wet weather.  However, the weather didn’t deter the crowd from gathering as a few thousand people showed up to get in on the action and support their favorite riders. Free brews, free schwag, and technical riding made the event too fun to pass up just because of a little precipitation.

Kicking off the finals, the skiers climbed the stairs and got down to the trickery at hand. The competitors wasted no time in throwing down some of their hardest tricks immediately. Local boy, Joey Vandermeer ended up in third place after coming off the last qualifying stop at OSU. Second place was awarded to Utah’s McRae Williams along with $500 in cash. However, taking the big prize for the entire 2010 Campus Rail Jam Tour was local hero Garrett Rowley, walking away with $1500 to make it rain, and a pair of Coreupt skis.

On the women’s ski side of things, two girls made it to the finals to hold it down for the twin tippers. After slaying all three features for the full duration of the heat, Kristie Giles edged out Katie Powers and took home the big win along with some cash, Coreupt skis and Roxy outerwear.

After the skiers had their way with the jibs, it was time for the snowboarders to drop. Very quickly it became evident no one planned to hold back, as riders were going for broke.

Christian Hobush threw down a stomped front flip over the gap onto the box. For his efforts Christian ended up in second place with $500 followed by Jordan Welter in third, also taking home some cash and a custom Ford Motors snowboard. Leaving all other competitors in his dust was Lou Macias first place, as he earned $1,500 in dollar bills, ready for the 10 % rule later that night.

The girls snowboarders also brought forth a strong effort as Randa Shahin threw down on everything, and landed in third place. Relative unknown Ashley Thornton surprised with deep trick vocabulary and took home second place and prizes including a board from Roxy and a wad of cash. In the end though the story would be about Krysta Pelchar. The girl slayed the course all to take home a 2011 snowboard from Salomon and top prize money.

While the 2010 Campus Rail Jam Tour has wrapped for now, keep practicing those jibs as there is definitely more to come from Galvanic Design.