Coming Up: An interview with ‘King of Style’ video winner PC Fosse

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 24, 2010 5:08 pm

Skier: PC Fosse – Photo: Daniel Tengs (

Full Name: Per Christian Fosse

Nickname(s): PC

Birthday: 13th December 1990

Hometown: Oslo, Norway

Home Ski Resort: Kirkerudbakken

Current Sponsors: Faction Skis, Sweet, Spy, Skullcandy, Marker, Dalbello

Influences: PK Hunder, Tom Wallisch, Jon Olsson, Torstein Horgmo

Favorite Ski Movie Segment(s): Windells session in “Turbo” from Level 1 Productions

Your Signature Trick: Kangaroo flip 9 japan-poke


The Resume: PC Fosse’s video from the 2009 Peak Performance King of Style Video Qualifier

What is your skiing background like? Did you do any racing? Was your family big into skiing?

No one in my family had any interest in skiing, bud I have always had a passion for flipping and doing tricks. That is mainly how it all began.

Describe a typical day for PC Fosse during the winter.

Well lets just say – eggs and bacon for breakfast, and then it just goes from there to calling up friends and riding the local mountain. I love to ride with Matthias Helgason, and all of my other shred buddies. After having a good day in the park, I like to hang out with some of my other buddies. Skating, swimming and chilling is a part of my every day activities.

What is your training regiment? Do you maintain a certain diet or exercise routine throughout the year?

I am working out at the gym three times a week, and am focusing a lot on the knees, and my back. Have had some troubles with it before and am trying to do my best to prevent it from happening again. During the winter there isn’t that much training, but then again I am shredding, a lot of fun in the park!

Of the people you have skied with thus far in your lifetime (pro or not), who pushes you the most while skiing together?

Hmm.. that would be Fridtjof Fredricsson. I also have high expectations for myself. So I would definitely say that I am pushing myself a lot! Also want to get the shots at photo and film shoots, so I am working really hard at the shoots. That gives me a good work ethic, when it comes to accomplishing your goals.


Skier: PC Fosse shows off a bit of his urban skills on a famous Oslo rail – Photo: Daniel Tengs (

Was there a significant milestone (learning a certain trick, winning a particular contest, etc.) that made you realize you wanted to see how far your skiing talent could take you?

Yeah, I definitely would say that coming second at the Nippon Open was a big step for my career as a skier. That gave me great recognition in Norway, and has made me step up to keep up.

The Norwegian freeski scene seems to be growing by the day, what do you think is contributing to the amazing talent coming out of the area? Anyone besides yourself we should be keeping our eyes on?

We are born with skis on – at least that is what we are told. I still have not seen any photos of myself as a baby with skis on, so I am still wondering whether that is true or not?

I would definitely give a huge shout out to Lars Haakon Hafsal, who is a sick rider that is always doing well, but is struggling with breaking the barrier. My best wishes goes to him! Rad dude.

How did you first link up with Field Productions?

They sent me an e-mail and were wondering if I wanted to come shoot with them after the Sweet-Rumble (a contest) but after that contest I injured my back. Luckily my back was good during the summer skiing, so I managed to get two summer shoots at Folgefonna and Juvass (Glaciers). Super stoked.

Who else did you film with this year? Chaoz Productions again?

Yes, sir! Stoked to shoot some BC with them this year.


Skier: PC Fosse putting in work in the backcountry – Photo: Daniel Tengs (

Have you ever competed in any North American contests? Are you planning to next season?

I was going to DEW-Tour, but got injured. SUCKS! But I am definitely taking the trip this year! Hoping to join DEW-Tour this year.

Do you have any interests/passions outside of skiing?

Yeah, skating is a lot of fun. Play in foam pits, and just hanging out.

Do you have any rituals or superstitions before competing in a big competition?

I am always watching Torstein Horgmo`s part in Standard Films “Black Winter” before riding. That always amps me up! Check it, it is RAD!! Besides that I try not to have any rituals, which I think is more harm than good.

Do you listen to music while you ski? If so, do you have any favorite artists to listen to while skiing? What would be your song when dropping in at Winter X Games?

“Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)” by Kid Sister or “Beat Dos” by Nico Rygh.

If you could change anything about skiing, what would it be?

Wow, why would I change the worlds best sport?

You were among the four finalists selected in the open video contest for the 2009 Peak Performance King of Style. What was it like knowing your skiing caused such a worldwide reaction?

That was one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me. So super stoked when I saw it. I hope that I get the chance to compete there.

Do you ever worry about what some message board user says about your skiing?

Hah, after I took the first Double 1440, I was called a d**** bag, and I thought that was maybe a little out of context, but then again people are allowed to have their own opinions.

You were injured this season in the Alps while training for KOS. Can you let us know what happened?

We were going to Dachstein to practice for KOS. We had a lot of bad weather, but the sun finally came through. It was a really icy landing and I was doing a dub flatspin 900, and I wanted to spice it up a bit with a bow-and-arrow in the trick. I over rotated to 990 degrees, and slammed really hard. Unconscious, I started shaking, and my eyes rolled back. It was super sketchy! The guys I was with were really worried. I got picked up by a helicopter, and the first thing I remember wasn’t until 24 hours after the bail. I had two minor spots of bleeding in the brain, double vision and a broken concentrate nerve. Bad!!!!!!!! I was back after three months, and did my first dub flat 900 in powder and stomped it. I am really glad I was using my helmet (it cracked open). Stoked to be back!

That injury kind of derailed your season for a bit, how long were you out? What did you do to recover quickly and keep yourself busy?

I was out for three months. The first few weeks i was in bed, and super bored; I could not watch TV, read, or anything. But after that I played a lot of Playstation and watched some TV. The only thing on my mind was getting back as soon as possible. Yes, I lost some of the season, but I am back, and managed to get some shots with Field [Productions] and am super stoked on that!

Photo (Left): Skier PC Fosse brings his signature “bow-n-arrow” flatspin to an urban feature – Photo: Daniel Tengs (


The injury you suffered was pretty serious, and having had one myself last season (I broke my C4/C5 vertebrae in my neck and was lucky not to be paralyzed) I know they can have some lingering effects on you mentally when skiing again. Did you have to overcome anything along those lines or did you just get right back out there without even thinking about it?

I had it in the back of my mind that what I do for a living is risky, but it is the chances we take to succeed. I do also have to say that since I blacked out, I can`t remember that much. That, I think is a good thing. There is no doubt in my mind that injuries can have a lingering effect on riders mentally while skiing, but we learn from our mistakes and hopefully we grow from it.

What was your favorite day of skiing from the 2009-10 season? Why?

Yeah that is definitely the trip I just got back from! Folgefonna (Norway). We were shredding, and I was invited to join a snowboard crew, Ducksjen. A lot of rad riders were throwing down. We were shooting BC, and had some step downs that were cool! Got my sunset shots, and stomped all my tricks first try! Got a lot of hype and inspiration from riding with that crew. Sweet weather, digging kickers in my boxers, and just tanning. Got 11 banger photos taken by my good friend and photographer Daniel Tengs ( It was just a perfect day. One of those that we all dream about! BOOYAH!!!


My Run in NZ Open 2009, 7th place. from PC Fosse on Vimeo.

What’s in store for you this summer? Are you heading to New Zealand to train and compete again?

Nope not this year, just shredding in Norway. We have one of the best summer parks ever, so I’m stoked.

Are you working on any new tricks that you are willing to let us in on?

Hahah, time will show my friend, time will show…