Heavenly opens hiking trails for summer

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 25, 2010 11:49 am

South Lake Tahoe resort Heavenly opened their hiking trails for the summer season today. Departing from the top of the Heavenly Gondola’s Adventure Peak, the resort offers three different hiking trails including beginning, intermediate and advanced options. The hiking trails will be open seven days a week from 10am to 4pm.

The Green Trail is the easiest trail and takes you to Upper Bonanza Lookout; it’s about a mile round trip. The Blue Trail is more difficult and takes you to East Peak Lake; it’s about 3.8 miles round trip. The Black Trail is the most difficult and it takes you to Sky Meadows (2.2 miles round trip) or to the top of Sky Express (1.92 miles round trip).

These trails not only offer thigh-burning exercise but also serve up some of the most beautiful views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Heavenly kindly asks all hikers to always stay on designated trails only, and please be respectful to the environment at all times. Smoking is prohibited on the mountain as the fire-danger is high. For more information, stop by the Ranger Stations at Adventure Peak to learn more facts about local wildlife or gather geographical information about the Lake Tahoe Basin and the Carson Valley.