Planned new ski area in Utah falls through, applicant withdraws proposal

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 25, 2010 11:09 am

More bad news for those parties advocating the construction of additional ski areas, as Utah has now joined Colorado as the latest place to miss out on seeing a new ski area added to their fine states.

According to the Herald Journal, John Hadwick, who had previously filed an application for a conditional use permit in Utah’s Cache County, has since withdrawn his request to open a new ski area that was to be called Rainey Ranch Ski Resort.

Opposition from nearby Richmond residents and the Bear River Watershed Council did not influence the decision, Chadwick said, who noted there were “also many people supportive” of the ski resort proposal. It’s believed financial matters such as having to conduct environmental studies weighed most heavily in the withdrawal decision.

Plans for new ski areas can often being tied up in red tape for years, such was the case this week in Colorado with the 5-year Eclipse Snow Park project, which was denied on the final possible checkpoint.