Pro skier Tom Wallisch to appear on Fuel TV series ‘Firsthand’

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 25, 2010 10:09 am

Todd Walnuts, The King of Afterbang, T-Wall; the growing list of nicknames for pro skier Tom Wallisch could literally go all day. However, a new persona for the Pittsburgh native may be “media darling,” as Wallisch continues to expands his popularity in mainstream media.

Last year, Tom Wallisch was chronicled on MTV2 during the Alli Sports Show which followed him everywhere from the 4bi9 house in Utah to the Windells campus in Oregon. Now, another major network is poised to link up with Wallisch, and is prepared to take you on a journey to Finland with the skier, all from the comfort of your television. During Winter 2009-10, Fuel TV linked up with the ski sensation to film urban rails in the Scandinavian country for an episode of their original series “Firsthand.”

“Firsthand brings you up close and personal with the daily lives of today’s top action sports athletes,” describes Fuel TV. “From the biggest competitions to laid-back free sessions, Firsthand offers exclusive footage of world class pros pushing the limits of their riding.”

For those who have seen Level 1 Production’s 2009 movie “Refresh,” then you already know that Finland is an urban rail mecca filled with jibs, and no pesky cops, something that should bode well for Wallisch’s natural rail talent.

The episode reportedly set to air on August 8th, 2010, so be sure to tune in!